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Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology or BMLT course is one of the growing and improvised courses in the modern healthcare field. BMLT course duration is 3 years which is divided equally into 6 semesters. With the advancement of medical science, the doctors require the help of medical laboratories for the treatment of rapidly growing diseases and BMLT course graduates have opportunities in filling those gaps.

BMLT course is a new age course that has come into existence with the medical advancements and increase in the number of labs and lab technology all over the world. BMLT course indulges in training students with the importance of laboratories in the present world, laboratory discipline and laboratory techniques that should be followed in labs.

There's a huge number of job opportunities for BMLT course graduates, especially in research and pharma sectors. Many companies are spending a huge amount of money for research, which gives a chance for BMLT graduates to get jobs.

Degree : Bachelors
Duration : Course Duration of Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology [BMLT] is 3 Years.
Age Limit : Minimum age limit is 17 years.